Alu alu foil

Alu alu foil, also called cold forming foil, or cold-form foil, is a kind of high barrier property of composite material, after cold stamping molding, can replace the PVC part of PTP blister packaging, which could greatly improve the protective for drugs(tablets,pills and capsules), extend the shelf life.

Alu alu foil is the best composite film of blocking performance at present with ultimate protection against water, oxygen and UV radiation.It is especially used for the high sensitive range of pharmaceutical and generic medicines which are highly hygroscopic or light sensitive.

  • 1st layer: Over lacquer, to protect the printing, ensure the ink fastness and not easy to peel off.
  • 2nd layer: Ink, text and information printing.
  • 3rd layer: Aluminium foil, thickness can be 20mics, 25mics and 30mics
  • 4th layer: Heat seal lacquer, heat seal with PVC, PVDC or other materials.

Structure of alu alu foil

Features & Advantages of Alu alu foil

  • Absolutely resist vapor, oxygen and uv rays with good performance of aroma barrier.
  • Excellent properties of anti-oxygen, moisture-proof, hygiene and bacterium-resistance.
  • Strong intensity, excellent malleability, not easily crumbled.
  • Fine seal performance.

Applications of Alu alu foil

  • Replace the PVC part of blister packaging.
  • Suitable to pack drugs that easy to be affected in wet regions and tropics.
  • Used for high standard pharmaceutical packaging for pills, tablets, powder, suppositories, capsule

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