Pure chocolate foil wrappers

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Pure chocolate foil wrappers,is aluminium foil with soft temper, light gauge from 12 mics to 18 mics, printed with beautiful colors, is ideal packaging material for chocolate and candies.
Colors available: red, pink, rose pink, green, blue, brown, gold, yellow,purple and etc. Also can be printed with artwork like bunny,Santa Claus,football, or other artworks customized.
The pure chocolate foil wrappers can also be embossed with many patterns such as private logo, grind pattern like Ferrero, or any pattern customzied

Products parameters

Description Pure aluminium chocolate foil wrappers
Alloy 8011,1235
Temper Soft or O
Grade Food grade
Type Roll, width customized
Small pieces size according to customer’s request
Big pieces of size 500*700mm
Thickness 12mics, 15mics, 18mics or as request.
Printing No printing,silver color.
Single color printing: Red, green, pink, yellow, golden, blue, brown,color customized according to pantone No.
Artwork printing as request
Embossing 1). No embossing. 2). dot, grind line or other patterns embossing.
3). logo and text.

Features & Advantages of pure chocolate foil wrappers

  • High quality and food grade ink printing.
  • Bright color,firm and stable,no odor and noxious,moisture proof and UV proof.
  • Light guage, flexible and easy formable.
  • Color, pattern and size can be processed according to customer's requirement.

Applications of pure chocolate foil wrappers

  • Used for chocolate wrapping such as chocolate bars or chocolate balls, chocolate rabiit or chocolate in any shape.
  • Used for candies wrapping.

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