Pop up aluminium foil sheets

Pop-up aluminium foil sheets, pop up foil sheets, pop-up foil, used as cooking foil for food wrapping or storing, or the lidding for aluminium foil containers.


The Pop-up aluminium foil sheets generally has various embossing textures, sliced according to the size required by the customer, folded with pop-up style then pack into a box. The size of each piece of aluminium foil sheets is fixed and easy to get for use. It can be printed with different colors and patterns, to distinguish different food packed. Pop up foil sheet mostly used in catering companies, airlines food service and etc. It is also suitable for household use.

General size of the pop up aluminium foil sheets

S/N Size of the foil sheet Sheets/box Boxes/carton Carton size
HZ920 9”×10¾”, 230mm×270mm 200 12 31×25.5×31cm
HZ950 9”×10¾”, 230mm×270mm 500 6 31×25.5×30cm
HZ1220 12”×10¾”, 300mm×270mm 200 12 31×32.5×31cm
HZ1250 12”×10¾”, 300mm×270mm 500 6 31×32.5×30cm


Remark: Thickness, embossed pattern, quantity/box are customized as customer's request.

Features and Advantages of pop up aluminium foil sheets

  • Pop-up, easy to get and use.
  • Size fixed,no need to cut.
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable.
  • Oven safe.
  • Uniform thickness, heat food evenly, avoid food be burnt when barbecue, keep food fresh and juicy.
  • Good formability, can be folded into any shape.

Our services

  • Embossed texture can be selected from diamond, dot, double dots, orange peel grain,ribbon and etc.
  • Printing and opening of the dispenser box can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • All the pop up foil sheet are processed and packed in the GMP workshop to ensure hygeian.