Unprinted blister packaging foil

Unprinted blister packaging foil one side coated with HSL, another side coated with primer which is printable, customer can print the foil by themselves. The blister packaing foil can be used as a lidding seal for push-through packaging for pharmaceutical tablets, capsules or pills.

  • 1st layer: Over lacquer, to protect the printing, ensure the ink fastness and not easy to peel off.
  • 2nd layer: Ink, text and information printing.
  • 3rd layer: Aluminium foil, thickness can be 20mics, 25mics and 30mics
  • 4th layer: Heat seal lacquer, heat seal with PVC, PVDC or other materials.

Structure of unprinted blister packaging foil

Processing of unprinted blister packaging foil

  • Raw material: High quality pharmaceutical grade aluminium foil, H18 temper.
  • Coating One side coated with outer protective primer, another side coated with heat seal lacquer.
  • Testing: Testing physical properties, heat seal strength etc, to ensure the foil is qualified.
  • Slitting:Slitting the foil into width according to customer’s requirement.
  • Packing: Standard pharmaceutical packing, ready for delivery.

Features & Advantages of unprinted blister packaging foil

  • 100% Barrier against humidity,gases,light.
  • Can be printed and splited by clients requirement.
  • Can be sealed to PVC,PVDC and Alu alu foil, excellent seal performance.
  • Awesome properties of anti-oxygen,moisture-proof,leak-proof,antipollution.
  • High degree of thermal stability,hygiene and bacterium-resistance.

Applications of unprinted blister packaging foil

  • Use as a base lidding seal for push-through packaging.
  • Packaging for pharmaceutical tablets, capsules or pills.
  • Packaging for small candies and marble chocolate.

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