Aluminium foil roll

Aluminium foil roll, household aluminium foil, aluminium foil paper in roll type, aluminium foil roll for food packaging, storaging, baking, barbecue, lining of the backing pan.


Alumnium foil roll is widely used in the morden kitchen because it is eco-friendly, food contact features, it keeps food fresh, prevent food from dampness, effectively slow food deterioration, isolation of bacteria, health and convenience. So the aluminium foil roll is a must for household kitchen use.

Product parameters

Description Household aluminium foil roll/Household aluminium foil paper
Alloy 8011
Temper Soft or O
Grade Food grade
Printable Yes, food grade ink printing
Type Roll
Specs Thickness: 10mics~25mics

Width: 25~45cm(10” to 18”)

Length: Customizable from 7.62m to 304m(25’ to 1000’)

Packing for aluminium foil rolls

There are 2 general ways of packaging of aluminium foil roll, simple packing and color box packing.

Simple packing

Simple packing, also called economical package, one roll packed with a piece of paper or film with/without private logo. Then packed into master carton with the quantity requested by customer.

Color box packing

Color box packing, one roll packed with color box, size and printing of color box can be customized as client's requirment. Box assembled with metal blade or plastic cutter or simple paper cutter.

Features and Advantages of aluminium foil roll

  • Eco-friendly, recyclable.
  • Oven safe.
  • Can withstand high heat for barbecue and grill.
  • Can withstand cold for freezing.
  • Uniform thickness, heat food evenly, avoid food be burnt when barbecue, keep food fresh and juicy.
  • Can be used to refrigerate food and keep fresh.
  • Heat conduction fast, used for defrosted.
  • Good formability, can be folded into any shape.

Applications of aluminium foil roll

Household aluminium foil roll is widely used in kitchen and restaurants: 

  • Wrap food for cooking, to keep food tender and juicy.
  • Baking cake, biscuit and cookies.
  • Packing food for cool storage, prevent frost and freezer burn.
  • Food storage for fresh.
  • Barbecue
  • Use as pan or grill liner for easy clean-up.