Laminated aluminum foil

Laminated aluminum foil is composed of aluminum foil with PE and PET film, which is a kind of laminated packing material with high barrier property and can effectively prevent moisture and light. Laminated aluminum foil applied for the automatic packaging machine made into sachet to packing granules and powders.

  • Alloy8021,1235.8079 or VM foil
  • TemperSoft or O
  • Structure1). Normal structure: PET/Ink/Alu/PE
    2). Structure and thickness are customized as customer's request.
  • ThicknessPET:12mics/ Alu 7 to 15mics /PE: 50 to 120mics
    Thickness of each layers are customized
  • PrintingUnprinted or 1~10 colors printing as required
  • WidthCustomized from 60mm to 700mm
  • Inner core ID76mm or152mm
  • PackingStandard pharmaceutical packing
  • TAGS , ,
  • 1st layer: PET film, thickness usually 12mics
  • 2nd layer: Ink, text,pattern and information printing.
  • 3rd layer: Aluminium foil, thickness customized from 7mics to 15mics.
  • 4th layer: PE Film heat seal with the PE side of the foil.

Structure of laminated aluminum foil

Features & Advantages of laminated aluminum foil

  • High barrier to extend the shelf life of medicines.
  • Excellent tear ability ,can be torn off from any direction.
  • Good machine flexibility and hardness, suitable for high speed packing machine.
  • Structure and thickness customized.

Application of laminated aluminum foil

  • Applied for high-speed automatic packaigng machine.
  • Applied for medium-speed automatic packaigng machine.
  • Made into sachet for powder and granules packaging.

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