Since the year 1913 when aluminium foil was first used to pack candies, over the past 100 years, aluminum foil products have been developed and utilized endlessly in the field of packaging.

Now aluminum foil packaging material used a lot in our daily life. Such as blister foil for pharmaceutical packaging, Kitchen foil for food packaging, aluminium lidding foil for yogurt sealing, chocolate foil wrappers,  and disposable aluminium foil containers for food.

Meanwhile, hair foil is also an ideal accessory for hair styling.

For decades, the use of aluminum foil has grown steadily in these categories.

Kitchen foil

Because of it's eco-friendly, food contact features, aluminium foil is widely used in our daily life, it keep food fresh, prevent food from dampness, effectively slow food deterioration, isolation of bacteria, health and convenience.

Kitchen foil mainly in roll type and pop-up sheets.

Foil container

Aluminium foil containers made with 100% recyclable aluminium foil, formed by stamping process, it comes in various shapes and types. The foil containers can be directly used for food processing and presentation, or using with matched lids for food storage and takeaway. Convenient and widely used.

Pharmaceutical packaging

Aluminum foil has good shading and moisture-proof performance, meanwhile soft, easy-formed, printable, and can be combined with a variety of plastic film, paper and other materials, so aluminum foil is considered as the most ideal and the safest pharmaceutical packaging choice.

Chocolate wrapping foil

Aluminum foil paper which can be printed with many colors, embossed with various patterns or logo, also could composite with paper, easy to form to any shape, is an ideal packing material for chocolate and candies.

The main types of chocolate foil are, pure chocolate foil, paper composite aluminium chocolate foil, and corrugated chocolate foil.

Lidding foil

By composite with plastic film, or coated with glue, aluminium foil became a good sealing material, used to seal plastic cups made of PP, PS or PET, or paper cups laminated with plastic film.

Widely used for sealed packaging of water, yogurt, juice, coffee, ice cream, jam, and etc.

Hair foil

Hair foil for hair salon use, hair highlighting and dyeing, to make hair brighten, glorious.It can be quickly heated up and speed up the modeling process, and make the hair maintain long-lasting. Colored hairdressing aluminium foil can bring more fun for hair dye.