Hair dressing foil roll

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Hairdressing foil roll for hair salon use, hair highlighting and dyeing, to make hair brighten, glorious.It can be quickly heated up and speed up the modeling process, and make the hair maintain long-lasting. Colored hairdressing aluminium foil can bring more fun for hair dye.

Products Parameter

Description Hairdressing foil roll
Alloy 8011,1235
Temper Soft or O
Type Roll
Thickness thickness selected from 12 to 20mics
Embossed available
Width 9cm, 10cm,12cm or 15cm, customized.
Length Length customized from 30m to 300m, any length customized

Color available for hairdressing foil

1. Silver 9. Red
2. White 10. Blue with private logo
3. Black 11. Red with private logo
4. Rose gold 12. Green with private logo
5. Golden 13. Purple
6. Light gold 14. Dark purple
7. Dark gold 15. Rose pink
8. Blue 16. Pink

In addition to the above colors, we can also print in multi-colors, like rainbow, and print logo and patterns according to customers' requirements

Features & Advantage for hairdressing foil

Aluminum foil used as hairdressing foil due to the following advantages:

  • Eco-friendly, recyclable.
  • Colorful, to make hair dye with more fun.
  • Soft, easy to fold to control the hair dye process.
  • Both plain or embossed available.
  • Hold hair tight and won't slip from hair.

Application of hairdressing foil

Hairdressing foil roll for hair used for hair dyeing and highlight. Use hair foil can effectively control the hair dye process, to achieve complex hair dye effect, such as hidden highlights, gradient hair.

  • Applied to hair coloring, to make hair brighten, glorious.
  • Used for hair highlights, ensure the hair dyeing effect.
  • Used on hair hidden highlights and gradient.


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