Colored foil containers with lids

Coloured foil containers with lids, for food packing and storing, disposable aluminium foil container for takeaway food, colored aluminium foil containers with color matched lids.


Colored foil containers with lids are aluminium foil containers with color printing, matched with the lid in same color pattern, are produced to meet the higher requirements of our customers. In addition to distinguishing different food tastes through the colors,  increase the beauty appearance and interest for food, bringing new selling points to food packed.
Suitable for children’s catering service, airlines catering or high-end restaurants, catering companies.

Product parameter

Description Colored foil containers with lids
Alloy 3003
Temper H24
Grade Food grade
Color and printing Golden, green, pink, yellow, any color and pattern required, with color matched lids.
Type Aluminium foil container, foil containers with lids
Size Full size, Half size, 1/4 size for rectangular foil containers
6’, 7’,9’, 12’ for round aluminium foil plates
Multi compartment, any shape and size customized.

Features and advantages of colored foil containers with lids

  • Colored container with color matched lids, good looking and easy to differentitate food with different flavors.
  • Eco-friendly material, 100 % recycled.
  • Applied to various cooking methods and can be hold various types of food.
  • Durable to heat and cold conditions and free from leakage.
  • No peculiar smell.
  • Various sizes and shapes to meet multiple requirements
  • Conventional ovens safety.

Applicationss of colored foil containers with lids

  • Family & kitchen use
  • Food storage 
  • Hotel and restaurant food packing use 
  • Fast food and take away food packing use
  • Airline catering usage 
  • Out-door barbecue usage 
  • Party dinner,bakery food storage 

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